Blood clot causing ankle pain

2019-10-14 09:56 Results: 401 causes of Ankle pain OR Blood clots. Damage to the abdominal muscle due to overstretching of the muscle tissue. The damage involves tearing the muscle tissue. Small blood vessels may also be damaged which can cause bruising. A rare disorder involving severe failure of the bone marrow to produce new blood cells.

How can the answer be improved? blood clot causing ankle pain May 03, 2018 The blood clot in ankle (picture 2) is rather frequent and able to provoke the extreme pain in particular when a patient walks loading his legs and putting the pressure on a blood clot. The symptoms of blood clot in ankle include pain, warm sensation, and swelling. You can feel a kind of burn.

The symptoms of an arterial clot include severe pain, paralysis of parts of the body, or both. It can lead to a heart attack or stroke. A blood clot that occurs in a vein is called a venous clot. blood clot causing ankle pain

blood clot causing ankle pain

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