Back causing groin pain

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Mar 24, 2018 Hip flexor tightness can cause localized aching, soreness and sharp pain in the region of the groin through which the psoas runs; it can also cause lower back pain since the psoas muscle, when tight, pulls on the lumbar spine, altering body mechanics and posture. Selfmyofascial release (SMR) is the best way to relax a chronically tense psoas. back causing groin pain Even when the back pain originates a little higher up, near the lower ribs, the discomfort can make its way to the groin area. Though a nerve that comes out of the spinal cord need not be pinched to cause the kind of back pain that radiates to the groin, often this is the case.

Lower Back and Groin Pain can be connected If you have a pain in your lower back and in your groin, then this article may be of interest. You may think that you have two separate conditions or problems, but these two pains, though they are in different parts of the back causing groin pain

back causing groin pain

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