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a person that you would have sex with; not a gorgeous person but an average person John isn't gorgeous, but he's bangable. See more words with the same meaning: attractive. Last edited on May 23 2005. Submitted by Juliet from New Orleans, LA, USA on May 23 2005. warm body syndrome urban dictionary Ugly Naked Body Syndrome. The condition when a seemingly attractive person takes off their clothes to reveal an ugly body. Steve: That girl Tina is too fine! John: Naw man, I was just with her the other day, she's got Ugly Naked Body Syndrome. Get a Ugly Naked Body Syndrome

All in all, the warm body syndrome costs you a lot of time and money. Handling Warm Body Issues. In our X Factor program, well show you how to avoid hiring a warm body. If you already have a warm body, well show you how to give that employee every development opportunity to grow. warm body syndrome urban dictionary

A Hot girl summer is the summer where girls take over and express their inner hoe. Hot girls no longer care for the male gender and are no longer living by social constructs. The hot girl gang Warm Body Syndrome (Employee Selection) Glossary Hotel operations management. The following text is used only for educational use and informative purpose following the fair use principles. We thank the authors of the texts that give us the opportunity to share their knowledge. Travels. Definition of warm body syndrome (employee selection) Very attractive. It's hot in the desert. Paul Walker is hot! That guy's house is hot. Get a mug for your mom Larisa. warm body syndrome urban dictionary 76)In the role of coach, a trainer should be sure to: A. Step in to assist when performance is substandard B. Check the trainee's performance frequently but unobtrusively C. Ensure the trainee has sufficient time to learn D. Develop a training schedule. Warm Body. A warm body is someone that has agreed to being in a nonemotional, physical relationship with another person just for the sake of intimacy. It is also not uncommon for the warm body to be acting as a replacement for the person that is really wanted but is unobtainable. A girl will be asked to cuddle and spend the night with a guy, Top definition. a warm body. a somewhat random person you use to keep you warm even though you are really interested in someone else. While touching or kissing the warm body you think of the person you actually want. Steve used Stacey as a warm body last night because Lilly was ignoring him. Problem Employees The Warm Body Syndrome (Part 1 of 2) Productive Practice Mindset. A warm body is an employee who is physically there but who is not engaged. That employee either doesn't get it, doesn't want it or can't do it (or a combination of those three).

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