Walking while listening to music

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Pedestrians listening to music may be unable to hear a honking car or a trains horn, putting them in danger. Serious injuries to pedestrians wearing headphones have tripled since 2004, and threequarters of these cases result in fatalities. In many cases, the pedestrians cannot hear train or car horns. walking while listening to music How can the answer be improved?

Music is a great motivator. Music will put a pep in your step. Choose a mixture of fast beat and slow beat music. Then walk to the beat of the music that is playing. This is an easy way to change your routine daily, shuffle the songs and never to the same workout twice. walking while listening to music

Walking while listening to music? [Post Does anyone find it really fulfilling to listen to an album while taking a walk? I think it really makes albums more memorable than listening to them on the computer or whatever. I find it especially good to test out new albums with a good long walk. Feb 09, 2019  Whoever said walking wasn't real exercise needs to sit down walking has loads of health benefits. Best Music to Listen to While Walking What I'm Listening to walking while listening to music

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