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2019-11-15 00:06 Urban Outfitters also carries everything you need to decorate your small space, apartment or dorm, with a UO Home collection that includes bedding, tapestries, rugs, shower curtains and furniture. Our Music Tech collection is a goto destination for vinyl, record players and tech accessories.

Oct 19, 2011  We all heard about Vogue Italys slave earrings mistakeslur and now it seems that Urban Outfitters is under fire for its Navajo range. A Native American woman called Sasha Houston Brown wrote an open letter to the stores CEO and it doesnt make for pretty reading. urban outfitters navajo range The Navajo Nation is seeking revenue from products that were sold by Urban Outfitters going back to 2008, meaning that millions of dollars are at stake. The lawsuit was filed after a group brought the items to the Nations attention in 2011. The recent loss is a major blow to the Navajo Nations case, but 6 counts are still pending.

May 20, 2016 Urban Outfitters executives may spend the weekend partying in their infamous Navajo Hipster Panties and sipping from Navajo Flasks : the retailer has just won a partial victory in its ongoing urban outfitters navajo range

Urban Outfitters and the Navajo Nation are having a controversy The Navajo Nation has filed a lawsuit against Urban Outfitters. In the suit, they described the problem as Urban Outfitters selling a line of apparel that features the name of the tribe and they didnt Nov 18, 2016  Urban Outfitters settles with Navajo Nation after illegally using tribe's name. Urban Outfitters has long attracted controversy for what many see as cultural appropriation, including for selling Palestinianstyle keffiyehs as antiwar woven scarf and a range of tchotchkes, duvet covers and clothing featuring the Hindu god Ganesh, Apr 04, 2016 Navajo Nation Victorious in Latest Round Against Urban Outfitters. On some claims, the tribe wants all the profits generated from the Navajothemed sales. On others, it wants 1, 000 per day per item, or three times the profit generated by marketing and retail of products using the name. urban outfitters navajo range

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