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2019-12-11 01:35 to botch is to have hard vigourus sex usually in the doggy position

1 To talk badly of a person behind their back. (Usually used for females) 2 To continuously complain about something (Usually used for females) 3 Something amazing botching urban dictionary Jul 16, 2014 Botching definition, to spoil by poor work; bungle (often followed by up): He botched up the job thoroughly. See more.

Sitting at your desk, achieving little, instead of bird watching botching urban dictionary

Fumble the bag comes from a lyric in the 2017 hiphop song I Get the Bag by Gucci Mane, featuring Migos. To fumble the bag is to lose the money (the bag) you made or to make unwise investments with the money you already have, i. e. the bag. It's also used for fumbling, or botching Aug 06, 2019  botching in a sentence: Obama joked that it was Cinco de Cuatro, botching a play on the Spanish word for four when he meant to say Cuatro de Mayo, or A physically disabled or mentally retarded child. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. botching urban dictionary Aug 05, 2019 What does botching mean in Urban Dictionary? : to botch will be have difficult vigourus intercourse typically in the doggy place Deliberately or subconsciously offending others, botching prospective relationships or otherwise disseminating negative personality traits as a pastime. People botching ranges from the careless (distasteful jokes, obscure references etc), to extensively premeditated offenses such as unattractive beards, conspicuous weight gain or relentless pun creation. Sep 17, 2012 Botch definition, to spoil by poor work; bungle (often followed by up): He botched up the job thoroughly. See more. Define botching. botching synonyms, botching pronunciation, botching translation, English dictionary definition of botching. tr. v. botched, botching, botches 1. To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness or ineptitude: botch a tennis shot; botch a rebellion. 2.

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