Video cat using toilet flushing

2019-10-14 08:55 Jul 11, 2015  This is the bizarre moment that a man caught his cat nonchalantly using the toilet to take a leak. The comical scene was caught on camera by the

Jun 30, 2017  June 30 (UPI) A pet owner who was perplexed by the size of his water bill eventually caught the cause on camera his cat flushing a toilet. Curt Coleman on June 16 posted a video video cat using toilet flushing Mar 02, 2015  Our question this week was: Dr. Debra have you ever seen the video of the cat that keeps flushing the toilet? It is very funny. I saw it once but cant find it. I wanted to show it to my sister. Thanks Abby Charleston, WVA Answer Hi Abby thanks for your email.

Mar 05, 2013 Fur Pictures and Videos Only! Why cat poops on the floor instead in toilet? Discussion in 'Cat Behavior' started by matuxaz but always poops on the floor. I am going REALLY VERY VICIOUS! The toilet is clean, no bad smell, always flushing down the water after cat urinates. Sometimes, when I notice that cat is going to the toilet I also video cat using toilet flushing

Sep 05, 2015  Just PERFECT, A Cat Using a Toilet, A Toilet Flushing Automatically. Marlin Milburn. 5: 04. American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Flush Demonstration (Flushes Cell Phones and Hot Dogs) Myra Aisha. 1: 18. Cat Uses Toilet. uzoo. 0: 47. Cat Flushes Toilet& Tries To Open Toilet video cat using toilet flushing

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