Pga pros using graphite irons

2019-11-14 23:41 Graphite is starting to make an impression on the Tour. A popular choice is the Aero Steelfibre, which is graphite wound with steel wire I believe that Matt Kuchar is using them in his irons. My choice will probably come down to either lightweight steel or graphite. My current favourites are: Nippon Pro 850 GH in R flex weight 87g, torque 2. 1

In almost all cases, your driver and fairway woods will have graphite shafts. The real question comes down to the irons. The status quo has always been that professionals and lowhandicap golfers use steel shafts, while amateurs and beginners benefit more from graphite pga pros using graphite irons Jun 04, 2013  Graphiteshafted irons are hot. as pros have shifted away from steel and into lighter composites that increased swing speed and distance. with three players using them to win four PGA

Sep 20, 2010 I was having a discussion with my dad and we were arguing about why pros don't use graphite shafted irons. My theory was that graphite in the irons would cause too much whipping through the ball and that would be counter productive to hitting down on the ball like one does with an iron. pga pros using graphite irons

Apr 23, 2012 they are graphite with (surprise) steelfiber in the graphite. . playerspec have copper fiber. . they are really good shafts. . if you haven't tried them, do. . nippon and steelfiber are as good as it gets when you get to looking at sub 110 gram shafts. especially great for the older player. worth every dollar. built to tight tolerances and nice, understated look. . Aug 09, 2016  The top10 on Tour in Strokes Gaines: ApproachtheGreen, and the clubs they use. Tours best iron players, and their clubs Golfweek Subscribe to Golfweek for just 24. 95 (printdigital) May 28, 2019 That's not necessarily true anymore, however. If PGA Tour golfers are using graphite shafts, that puts the lie to the idea that graphite is only for mid and highhandicap golfers. All the way back in 2004, Tiger Woods switched from a steel shaft to a graphite shaft in his driver (most pros made that switch even earlier). pga pros using graphite irons Jun 06, 2017  So while drivers get a lot of love, it might be the irons that matter most at Erin Hills for next weeks U. S. Open. Check out the irons used by the top 10 on the PGA Tour this season in hitting While driver shafts are typically made of graphite, most irons are still paired with steel shafts, even for casual players. PGA Tour players use steel shafts almost exclusively in their irons, with Matt Kuchar being a notable exception. Oct 05, 2011 Irons Used by Golf's Top 10 Players. (USA) World Ranking: 1 Nike Victory Red Forged Blades (3PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts Those benefits include less wear and tear on the body (many tour players who use graphite in their irons, in fact, began using them after suffering an injury such as a bad elbow) due to better

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