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2019-11-21 18:31 May 28, 2010 In your case, you can upgrade to Windows 7 depending on edition and architecture of Windows Vista you have installed. If you are running a 32 bit version of Vista and want to upgrade to a 64 bit version (edition of Windows 7), you will have to a do clean install, this applies viceversa.

Oct 26, 2009 Thanks! LEE Supported Upgrade Paths to Window 7 Without doing a Clean Install: Windows Vista Home Basic (SP1, SP2) to Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1, SP2) to Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate; Windows Vista Business (SP1, SP2) to Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate upgrade vista basic to windows 7 ultimate Jul 04, 2011  Some versions of Windows can't be upgraded with the installation disc you're trying to use. For example, you can't upgrade a 32bit version of Windows to a 64bit version, or upgrade from a higher edition of Windows, such as Windows Vista Ultimate, to a lower edition, such as Windows 7

Jun 26, 2009 Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate If you are performing an upgrade installation from Windows Vista, the base language must match the target Windows 7 language, you must have about 9GB of free space for the installation, and the installation can only occur on the same partition that holds Windows Vista. upgrade vista basic to windows 7 ultimate

Oct 22, 2009  Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7. Select Upgrade. Windows will check compatibility and then begin copying files. After awhile, probably hours not minutes, you're machine will start back up into Windows 7! Now you may have some settings that didn't transfer and are overwritten by Windows 7 Aug 24, 2009 Unable to upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista home basic I am trying to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 ultimate RTM version but it doesn't complete the installation. It starts and when i click on the Upgrade Version it keeps doing a compatibility check and throws out an htm report (i can't see anything on the report) and ultimately stops the upgrade vista basic to windows 7 ultimate

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