Using garlic to treat genital warts

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Hi, bill, i recently discovered that i have Genital Warts, and i have used the garlic treatment three times now, but like yours, my warts have swollen up, gotten really dark and look like herpes, and the skin around my shaft is extremely sensitive and painful to the touch. using garlic to treat genital warts Garlic's antiviral properties help to treat warts caused by HPV. Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is the leading sexually transmitted infection in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 40 types of this virus can affect mens and womens genital areas, leading to genital warts.

Jun 29, 2018 Repeat this every day till you get rid of genital warts. 12. Garlic Remedy for Genital Warts Removal. Garlic has excellent antiviral properties which makes it one of the top remedies for genital warts caused due to viral infection. You need to make a paste from garlic to use it for treating your warts. How to Use Garlic to Remove Genital Warts? using garlic to treat genital warts

Garlic can be a potent and cheap treatment for your warts. The properties of garlic often work very effectively on getting rid of your warts. However, there is some preparation and commitment required on your side. Its not a onetime application deal but something you will have to continue for a Apr 10, 2018 4. Garlic with Vitamin E Oil. This process is also effective on genital warts, oral warts and flat warts apart from warts on hands, face, and feet. Remove the content of one vitamin E oil capsule. Using a cotton ball, apply it on warts. Now apply crushed garlic (1 clove) on it. Secure the area with an adhesive tape. using garlic to treat genital warts

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