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2019-11-20 01:01 Jul 08, 2016 By Jett Rubenstein July 8, 2016 I am a Harlem resident originally from Boston. I have received some disturbing news regarding my community, from a very reliable source that an identified billionaire housing developer has recently purchased three Harlem housing project developments from the City Of New York, which will displace thousands of lowincome families.

Sep 15, 2014 The city has launched a campaign to clean up crime at 15 of the toughest housing projects, but so far it's seeing mixed results, new statistics show. the Polo Grounds complex in Manhattan a 34 polo ground housing projects This inscription is halfway down the stairs John T. Brush was a former owner. This staircase, which led down to a ticket booth, is the last remnant of the stadium which was replaced by the Polo Grounds housing projects several years after the Giants moved to San Francisco in 1958.

Classic Shots of the Polo Grounds Reddit when a fire destroyed the structure and forced the Giants to build Polo Ground IV on the same site. The Polo Grounds Towers public housing project polo ground housing projects

Jul 11, 2016  Polo Grounds Houses in Harlem (NYCHA) Google Earth The New York City Housing Authority says rumors that three Harlem housing projects have been sold to a billionaire housing polo ground housing projects

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