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Gammu. Gammu is the name of the project as well as name of command line utility, which you can use to control your phone. It is written in C and built on top of libGammu. . Gammu command line utility provides access to wide range of phone features, however support level differs from phone to phone and you might want to check Gammu Phone Database for user experiences with various phones. using gammu-smsd If you want to use binary package, the daemon might be included in separate binary package in your distribution, try looking for something like gammusmsd. Documentation. There is SMS Daemon section in Gammu Manual which covers all aspects of using SMSD, similar documentation is available in The Gammu Manual which is distributed with the program.

Be sure gammu itself is reading from a right device path, and your user profile is in dialout group. You may need to adjust bitrate to communicate to the module, so try to initiate direct communication using as example screen devttyUSB0 and see what value fits at best. . The tool gammudetect is also available, for spotting an initial configuration with a device, so man gammudetect using gammu-smsd

This class can send SMS messages using Gammu MySQL storage. It can send messages to one or more recipients using the Gammu MySQL database. The class creates records for the new messages in MySQL database with the outbox of Gammu. It can send also long messages by splitting them in How can the answer be improved? gammusmsd reads configuration from a config file. Its location can be specified on command line, otherwise default path etcgammusmsdrc is used. This file use ini file syntax, see INI file format. Configuration file of gammusmsd consists of at least two sections [gammu and [smsd. using gammu-smsd Oct 28, 2011  Recently I needed to setup a Zabbix distribution with SMS notifications. I had a Momo Design [email protected] USB Internet key to be used as GSM modem, with a BT Italia (Vodafone) SIM card. I used the version of Zabbix, installed using the apt tool on a Ubuntu 11. 10. The Zabbix builtin SMS notification system [ gammusmsd is a program that periodically scans GSM modem for received messages, stores them in defined storage and also sends messages enqueued in this storage. The daemon can reload configuration file after sending hangup signal (SIGHUP) and Jan 14, 2016 I have installed gammu gammusmsd pythongammmu and tried sending message using echo message gammu sendsms TEXT number which was successful, then i tried using this code provided in Python bindings for gammu. Oct 10, 2018  Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! But avoid. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

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