How to delete ultimate team web app

2019-12-11 04:05 Jul 12, 2011 as titlecan i delete my whole ultimate team club via the web app. .

Sep 16, 2015 I made two different FUT teams in Fifa 15 on two separate PS4 accounts but with the same email address. Now when I went to sign into the web app it asked me to select a club and I selected the one from my main account. However, it instead brought me to my second account. how to delete ultimate team web app Other Topics. R: Each version of FIFA Ultimate Team is a different game. As such, you can not import your team and your coins from the previous FUT version. The only things that can move are the name of the team and the level of EXP. For example, even if you have a super team in FUT12, you will have to start from scratch in FUT13.

Sep 26, 2016  From the main Ultimate Team menu, head across to the My Club section and you will see the Delete Club tile at the bottom right of the page. Clicking it will delete the whole club forever. how to delete ultimate team web app

You can delete your whole Ultimate Team club from the FUT menu. Go to My Club Delete Club. Note, that you won't be able to restore any previously gained cards, coins, statistics, etc. Hello how to delete my clube after max number times my clube is dijon and my acount is [edit: email address removed Solved: Hi, I would like to delete my Ultimate Team, but then a message comes that says that I have deleted my Ultimate Team too many times So how Sign In or Register English All boards About AHQ This is a way that worked for me to clear completely the cache: 1Delete the tabs in safari where there is your app. 2Delete the icon of the app in the home screen. 3Kill safari from the memory. 4Go to settingssafari and press clear cache. how to delete ultimate team web app

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