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2019-11-12 12:48 Aug 22, 2019 August 7, 2018 Urban Dictionary. An adrian is a term of measurement, just like the Mole, Dozen, Half dozen, and Bakers dozen. Just as the Dozen is counted as 12 of some thing, the Adrian is counted as a unit of 26. by TeodoroReport definition.

Adrian. A man of many talents, Adrian is a very special person. He is one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet. An amazing taste in music and has the most beautiful blue eyes. Headphones are always in his ears, used to block out the fast paced world surrounding him. He has no shame and does not give a damn about what others may think of him. adrian meaning urban dictionary Adrien is a pure soul that deserves all happiness in the world. Adrien is kind and very protective. Very handsome. Is also a cinnamon roll who just want food. Adrien just wants to eat his croissants. Leave him be. # # kind# handsome# pure# protective.

Adrian. He works hard to keep a relationship. A lot of girls like him. He is very hot. He has really pretty eyes and the most perfect freckles. When he's around his friends he tends to get a bit sarcastic and goofy that that will never interfere with the love you will have for him. He is very funny and sarcastic. adrian meaning urban dictionary

Adrian is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He will make you smile even if you have had a hella hard day. He will always have your back no matter what. All the girls like him and you will be very lucky to be his friend. He will do anything to keep a relationship and will kick someones ass if you mess with him or his friends. Adrian is a strong Christian and loves music, especially screamo. He will always try to help you if you have a problem, and tells you how he feels. He will always try to help you if you have a problem, and tells you how he feels. adrian meaning urban dictionary

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