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Japan's business groups are also espousing multilateralism. Espousing a collective vision to further enhance the level of excellence of their design work, SCDA seeks to broaden its geographic base and to strengthen its design presence in residential and leisure markets. espousing define Definition of espousing. What does espousing mean? Meaning of espousing. espousing synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more from Free Dictionary.

republican or espousing one particular view while ignoring others, rather I hope to ensure that all participants involved, student, teacher, and the community, realize the ramifications of servicelearning particularly when working with historically oppressed people. espousing define

Definitions for espousing espousing. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word espousing. We're going to be providing the antidote, we believe, to what Donald Trump is espousing. The perceived anonymity of the Internet will not serve as a shield for espousing violence. 10 synonyms of espouse from the MerriamWebster Thesaurus, plus 45 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for espouse. Across the boundaries of national origin and cultural differences, integration into the American system was most often achieved by espousing the widelyshared values of consumption. That policy is to stop attacking countries that don't espouse Western values, and leave them to espousing define Definition of 'espouse The relative pronouns are the words who, whom, which, and that. person thing subject object who or that whom or that which or that which or May 13, 2014 [ihspouz, ihspous See more synonyms for espouse on Thesaurus. com. verb (used with object), espoused, espousing. to make one's own; adopt or embrace, as a cause. to marry. to give (a woman) in marriage. Espouse definition is marry. How to use espouse in a sentence. Commit to Learning the History of espouse Synonym Discussion of espouse. On the face of it, these two theories seem quite incompatible, espousing rather contradictory views of how visual perception transpires. From Cambridge English Corpus Further research is urgently

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