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2019-11-20 15:33 Housing Strategy (2019) At least 30 of new housing units produced annually in Halton to be affordable or assisted housing Update Comprehensive Housing Strategy Create new housing opportunities with emphasis on Older Adults with funding from Provincial and Federal governments Prevent and respond to homelessness with

The Transitional Housing for Newcomers to Halton program funded by The Region of Halton (Homeless Partnering Strategy) introduces a temporary housing option for eligible newcomers in halton region housing strategy 7 P a g e Foreword This document sets out a comprehensive overview of housing in Halton in. It is intended to provide the evidence base to Haltons Housing Strategy 2013 to

Mar 13, 2018  Halton Region is working closely with the provincial and federal governments to ensure that Halton Region benefits from renewed senior government investments, be they through the provincial LongTerm Affordable Housing Strategy or the federal governments recently announced National Housing Strategy, said Hunter. halton region housing strategy

Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015 2018 Shaping Haltons future for the next four years HALTON REGION STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN 2015 2018. Contents Halton at a Glance 4 Halton Region Services 4 Waste Management Strategy Housing Strategy Halton Older Adults Plan Museum Master Plan Agriculture Plan Nov 18, 2016  Currently, Halton Region invests 35. 9 million annually in social infrastructure through Haltons Comprehensive Housing Strategy ( ), which lays the framework for continuing to provide governmentassisted housing options for low income residents. The Strategy outlines a target of new governmentassisted housing opportunities for residents over the next decade one of Haltons Housing Strategy has been developed in the context of a wide range of national, regional and local policies, strategies and plans as summarised in the diagram below. Further details of how these influence the Strategy can be found in the Housing Strategy evidence paper. halton region housing strategy 1 day ago In 2014, the region issued its Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS) Update. This document identified three goals for the Region, which included: Create a range and mix of new housing opportunities to meet the needs of our Halton community. Protect existing rental housing so that it continues to be available to our residents. Halton Region is responsible for the funding, planning, delivery and administering of government assisted housing programs and services for Halton residents. In 2014, Halton Region issued its Comprehensive Housing Strategy Update (PDF file). This document identified three goals for the Region: These changes have had a compelling impact on local, regional, national and international economies including within Halton Hills, rendering the 2012 Strategy outdated. Likewise, the Towns Tourism Strategy is now four years old and is in need of an update. Halton COMMANDE (COMmunity Mobilization AND Engagement strategy) is a collaborative of regional and municipal agencies, social services and communitybased organizations, supported by grant funding.

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