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Located on Kessler Air Force Base and close to Biloxi, Mississippi, Keesler Family Housing is made up of four distinct, vibrant communities encompassing a variety of floor plans and amenities. Sand Hill Landing, located a few miles from Keesler Family Housing, is a quiet, familyfriendly community of duplex homes. af housing The 1996 National Defense Authorization Act established the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, which allowed the Air Force to privatize family housing on all domestic Air Force installations. Today, 92. 7 percent of domestic base housing is privatized, with the remaining inventory on its way.

Military Family Housing on Okinawa is managed by the USAF as a Joint Service Program. This means the family housing process is centralized for all accompanied Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen regardless of which basecampinstallation of assignment. af housing

Installations are required by DoD 4165. 63M and AF Policy to provide Housing Support and Referral Services to all DoD personnel and their dependents to help locate suitable, affordable, and nondiscriminatory housing in the local community or in privatized housing. In addition to the normal local rental listings, HOMES. mil will also give the local housing office control over screening the properties for suitability and adequacy standards. Unlike other property sites available on the net, only HOMES. mil will contain properties inspected and certified by the military housing office. af housing

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