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2019-11-20 02:31 May 24, 2016 Honda also developed the Bodyweight Support Assist device to help support bodyweight to reduce the load on the user's legs while walking, going up and down stairs and in a semicrouching position.

Eventually, Walking Assist might be used for other uses, including everyday activities such as sightseeing and even in some working environments. Today it is our hope that those who may struggle to walk or stand will find Walking Assist to be a remarkable advancement for their ability to enjoy the joy and freedom of mobility. honda walking assist device How can the answer be improved?

Honda Walking Assist measures and verifies the leftright symmetry, movable angle range, walking speed and other characteristics when walking, and crosschecks these characteristics against the measurement history of the user, enabling the data to be analyzed on a PC. Lease sales of Honda Walking Assist in Japan commenced in 2015. honda walking assist device

Jan 19, 2018  Honda Walking Assist Device: The Honda device that helps to walk, the Walking Assist Device, has reached many hospitals and medical centers. Honda has announced that it will offer it on leasing, although, for the time being, only in Japan, for rehabilitation treatments. May 28, 2013  Honda's Walking Assist Device is designed to provide assistance and rehabilitation, as are most of the exoskeletons in the above list, while the Honda Walking Assist Device, originally Honda Walking Assist Stride Manager, is a hip only powered exoskeleton. Its goal is to facilitate walking by providing additional force to swing the legs with each step. In 2015, the Honda Walking Assist Device went on lease sale to businesses in Japan. Sales for the unit are scheduled to commence later. honda walking assist device

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