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2019-10-14 01:34 Apr 04, 2016 Design of experiments by Taguchi method in minitab An Industrial Application of the Taguchi Method Using Minitab Duration: 7: 47. Analysis of experiments in two factors by hand

Sep 06, 2015 I am sorry if the question I have seems a bit childish. I am PhD Student and need some help in Taguchi Methods. I am using Minitab software for the DOE process. I have 3 factors all at three levels. As described in the interaction table of L9, if a factor A is assigned to Col: 1 and Factor B is taguchi analysis using minitab A designed experiment in Minitab must have at least 2 control factors. A Taguchi analysis treats all factors as categorical, although the actual measurements may be on a continuous scale. If you have only one categorical factor and no continuous predictors, use OneWay ANOVA. If you have one continuous factor, use Fitted Line Plot.

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Minitab assigns ranks based on Delta values; rank 1 to the highest Delta value, rank 2 to the second highest, and so on. Use the level averages in the response tables to determine which level of each factor provides the best result. In Taguchi experiments, you always want to maximize the SN ratio. Minitab provides two types of Taguchi designs. When you create a design, Minitab stores the design information in the worksheet. Static design In a static design, the response has a fixed mean that you are trying to optimize while keeping variation to a minimum. Once you have collected your data, use Analyze Taguchi Design (Static) to analyze Jul 26, 2010 I was taught Taguchi methods by Shin Taguchi in the mid80's. The use of the Orthogonal Array was taught separately from Robust Design, which analyzes means and SN Ratio. This allowed you to think and decide how you would analyze the results of the DOE. Minitab has highly automated the Taguchi analysis routine to the point that you cannot taguchi analysis using minitab

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